Dessert Bar Cart

Image Paper Provision

Bar cart style has been around for decades, but you won’t normally find them in a Muslim home. Due to the nature of using it predominantly as an entertaining station filled with alcohol and mixers, one was limited to its use. But the trend has come full circle, with some modern adjustments. The bar cart is no longer just a functional piece of furniture, but a must-have statement piece for your home. And, guess what? You don’t have to use it just to serve drinks. Now maybe someone should work on changing the name.

1. Set Up A Basic Drinks Bar

Drink bar cart

image Leslies Interiors

Guests dropping by unannounced? Always have on stand-by a cart with a variety of kid and adult drinks with some clean glasses and fresh flowers.

2. Create A Candy Bar Cart

Candy Bar Cart

image Pinterest

From lollipops and candy bars, to treat bags and clear jars, there are endless possibilities to display your sugary confections. But unless you have super self-control, this should be saved for special occasions like holidays and birthday parties.

3. Bring Greenery into your space

Bar cart with plants

Bring your living room to life by utilizing the bar cart in a room other than your dining room. With a decorative bar cart as your statement piece, plants and flowers can remain relatively simple.

4. Set it up as a Party Station

Party Station Bar Cart

image Craftberry Bush

For this Valentine’s Day party, Craftberry Bush created a large, heart-shaped balloon wreath and displayed candy, cookies, and cakes on the top tier, and goody bags below. She polished it off with some faux flowers and ribbon to add some romance to the room.

5. Use as a Side Table in Small Spaces

Side Table Bar Cart

image Keys to Casa Ortiz

Got a small space? A bar cart can double as a side table with its sleek lines and additional storage on the bottom shelf.

6. Serve Up a Yummy Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Bar Cart

image Atarmine

Keep your kitchen island clutter free by adding an extension to it with a breakfast bar cart. Store all your breakfast necessities below, saving the top tier for juices, fruits and pastries.

7. Organize Your Own Cereal Cafe

Cereal Bar Cart Buffet

image Tov Furniture

If you love cereal at all hours of the day, then impress your friends at your next brunch with your very own cereal bar cart. Haven’t you heard that the cereal cafe is all the rage these days?

8. Display Your Treasures

Living Room Bar Cart

image Cozy Stylish Chic

Replace your console table with the seasons stylish bar carts, and use it to display a treasure trove of of books, vintage ceramics, found objects, air plants and some shiny objects to create a great visual interest that feels warm and collected over time.

9.  Create a Cozy Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tea Station

Hot chocolate coffee tea bar cart

image The Navage Patch

This is one bar cart that will be used multiple times a day. If you have kids, a hot chocolate bar  will always be a hit with yummy fixings such as marshmallows, whip cream and peppermint mixing sticks. I am partial to a coffee bar with my Nespresso capsules and lots of Torani flavored sauces. But the English in me will always have a special place in my heart for a proper tea trolley for afternoon tea.

10. Display Stand Out Glasses

Simple Glasses Bar Cart

image Britt Cosinger

Transform a simple room or small space with a fabulous, yet simple display of beautiful glasses and bottles. Add some sparkle and some flowers and you’ve added instant personality to the room.

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