It’s the final countdown till Ramadan, and your child might be starting half day fasts, his first full Ramadan, or maybe even his fifth! Either way, keep Ramadan and  iftar-time exciting and fun and something to look forward to with a variety of delicious meals, treats and crafts created with Eidway’s Islamic Shape Cookie Cutter Set.

Eidway Cookie Cutters











Released just in time for Ramadan, Eidway’s exclusive cookie cutter assortment helps you cut out dough and more in a number of fun outlines. This stainless steel cookie cutter set features templates with deep blades and edges that deliver crisp shapes with little or no effort. Further, you can use these templates to cut other types of items like cheese and play dough.

Each design is about 3.5” wide. Sold as a set of 5- Moon, star, mosque, Islamic star and Lantern/Fanoos.

Jannah’s List has gathered a list of fun and clever ways to use these cookie cutters for more than just cookies!

1. Melt down old crayons and create new ones.












2. Use them to make yummy halal rice krispie treats.










3. Jazz up simple, easy-mix brownies by cutting with a cookie cutter.










4. Create Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders and fulfill one Random Act of Ramadan Kindness.










5. Make homemade art by tracing the cookie cutters on patterned paper.

Little Life of Mine

6. Have fun making floating wax candles.









7. Play with your food with fun potato stamps.












8. Add a little whimsy with your cucumber appetizers.










9. Make a juicy cookie cutter fruit salad.

Watermelon Cookie Cutter

























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