Dropbox Mobile App

We’ve all been there… dropped our smartphone in a cup of tea, left it in the back of a cab, or had it stolen from right under our nose. Either way, losing your phone is never easy, and the worst part of it is saying good-bye to the hundred, or thousands, of photos you have snapped up on your phone.

You are always meaning to back it up on your iCloud, or if even that space is all used up, your external hard drive. But who has the time? If you’re a mom, you don’t.

Welcome the Dropbox mobile app, which uses Wi-Fi or your data plan to automatically upload your pictures at original size and full quality, and save them to a private folder in your Dropbox where they’re ready to view or share. And when you get the time, which might be five years from now, you can get onto your computer and download them. So they are always available!

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