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8 Brain Boosting Islamic Puzzles for Kids

Blessed Nights Puzzle $20

Have lots of fun and add an educational twist with puzzles! When your child does puzzles, they are doing one of the best brain building exercises for many skills such as problem-solving, reading, math and writing. The major building blocks for life-long learning!

Jannah’s List has gathered 8 great puzzles, for all ages, whether your children are playing solo or the whole family jumps in. You will see the world through your child’s eyes, and help them learn through play.


Bring The Wonders of the World to the Beach With These Sand Toys

Taj Mahal Sand Toy $5
Taj Mahal Sand Toy $5

Headed to the beach this weekend? Make sure to bring some of the finest Wonders of the World with you! Your child will have the best looking sand castles at the beach with these Educo Taj Mahal and Egyptian Pyramid sand toys, all while bringing history to light in a fun way. Educo sand toys inspire children with appreciation for architecture & curiosity of the larger world.

Egyptian Pyramid Sand Toy $5
Egyptian Pyramid Sand Toy $5