Raised in New Jersey, but born in Damascus, Nadia Hubbi grew up on home-cooked Middle Eastern meals. But once she moved out to Los Angeles, she was far away from her family, which also meant far away from home-cooked meals.

Hubbi wanted the option to to go the supermarket and find products that she would have been able to find at her family’s home. So with her marketing background in tow, Sweet Pillar & Co. was born.











“Sweet Pillar & Co’s goal is to give you a taste of the Middle East. Whether you’ve been to that part of the world or not, we want to refresh old memories and create new experiences. We want to share the holidays with your friends and families, we want to be at the breakfast table on those Sunday mornings. With each bite of our wide array of confections and cookies we want you to leave with a smile on your face.” — Hubbi
Sweet Pillars’ popular items include Dark Chocolate Almond Stuffed Dates, roasted red pepper Muhammara Spread, and their limited edition Eid Mubarak Date Mamool Cookies, out just in time for the holidays, with cutting edge packaging and unique design specific for Ramadan and Eid.
Available in select independent retailers in Southern California, you can also order on the website.

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