Muslim Kids Series Hijaiya Arabic Alphabet

Looking for a fun and easy way to use your iPhone  to teach your child how to write and pronounce Arabic letters? Try the free Hijaiya app!

Muslim Kid Series Hijaiya Arabic AlphabetMuslim Kid Series Hijaiya Arabic Alphabet-75

What we love

Every letter of the alphabet is complete with audio for correct pronunciation, and engaging illustrations.  There are 2 sections to play: Learn and Write.

  • Learn: Click on the letter to hear it’s name, as well as its sound with the three haraqat (fatha, kasra, dhamma).
  • Write: Trace the letter with your finger, and at the bottom you can click to hear the name.

Muslim Kid Series Hijaiya Arabic Alphabet

What we’d love to see

English transliteration of the letters to help reinforce the sounds, and more game play.


Learning the Arabic alphabet is a basic foundation for reading the Quran. This app is for all ages, including adults just learning the Arabic alphabet, but best aimed at preschoolers and elementary aged children, while capturing  interest and play.


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