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Get a Taste of the Middle East with Sweet Pillar & Co.












Raised in New Jersey, but born in Damascus, Nadia Hubbi grew up on home-cooked Middle Eastern meals. But once she moved out to Los Angeles, she was far away from her family, which also meant far away from home-cooked meals.

Hubbi wanted the option to to go the supermarket and find products that she would have been able to find at her family’s home. So with her marketing background in tow, Sweet Pillar & Co. was born.


Iftar of the Day: Chocolate and Nut Stuffed Dates

Chocolate and Nut Stuffed Dates Allah to Z Activity Book


Why do Muslims break their fasts with dates? This sweet, sticky and delicious fruit is brimming with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. After a long day of fasting, dates help give immediate energy while digesting slowly. They are commonly eaten at Iftar time everyday during Ramadan, as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) would break his fast with ripe dates before he would pray.

Get your children involved in this easy and fun recipe from the upcoming Allah to Z: Activity Book, or make your own creations with just about anything you can think of!

Create Your Very Own Ramadan Tracker Journal











Make the most of Ramadan this year with a Ramadan Tracker Chart! Zaufishan created a free download chart that can be printed to create a 30 day Ramadan Journal. Your child will learn about the important aspects of the month, and most children love having one page per day to draw, journal, play games and monitor their progress while keeping track of their fasts.

What a wonderful book to collect over the years, and share when your children are grown.

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