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7 Songs & Videos to Help Learn the Arabic Alphabet

Jannah’s List found 7 entertaining and educational videos set to help teach your children the Arabic Alphabet. Kids will learn all the Arabic letters & sounds, which is an important prerequisite for reading the Quran.

While limiting screen time is important, the time your child does spend in front of the TV or computer can actually be very educational. These songs can be sung along with the video, waiting in line at the grocery star, or driving in the car.


10 Hair Products For Your Child’s Curly & Frizzy Ethnic Hair

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You wash your child’s hair every other day, condition and comb – never brush. But 5 minutes after you do her hair, it still looks like she stuck her hand in the electrical outlet, and all the frizz-fighting detanglers in the world can’t tame her hair.

Jannah’s List found 10 kid-friendly hair styling products that actually work, especially on ethnic hair!

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IStyle Hijabology
IStyle Hijabology


• A new shahadah struggling with how to transition your wardrobe into a modest one?

• Is it difficult to dress professionally and maintain your commitment to wearing hijab?

• Is your closet overwhelmed with jilbabs, abayas & hijabs and you still have nothing to wear?


  • 4798 Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Hijabology is a workshop series dedicated to helping sisters fulfill the religious commandment of wearing Hijab while expressing their personalities with modest flair. A general overview of the elements of modest style and the benefits of a functional wardrobe will precede the series of topic sessions. Each session cultivates a necessary skill to creating a functional, modest wardrobe plus shopping!

Workshop Topics:

• Wardrobe Essentials – how to build a wardrobe & top 10 must haves for a complete wardrobe

• Modest Transitions – how to transition your wardrobe into a modest wardrobe

Project: Modest Swag: Styling Competition for guests to demonstrate the new skills learned during the Hijabology workshop.

Participants may volunteer to compete in the Project: Modest Swag competition to win a Personal Styling Session in their home!

Admission: $25 admission includes swag bag with snacks and refreshments to be served.

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