Bottle Cap Name Necklace $6
Bottle Cap Name Necklace $6

Growing up in the eighties, it was hard to find products that had Muslim names engraved on them like key chains, mugs, t-shirts and necklaces. Every gift shop would have plenty of Samantha’s, Jennifer’s, Laura’s and Elizabeth’s, but try and find a Sabeen, Nadia, Alia, or Soha and you would be stumped.

These days, personalized jewelry is nothing new, with websites such as Etsy who has made it its mission to bring consumers amazing, hand-crafted and personalized products.

Glitter Berry Girls was created by Suroor Ahmed to help fill the void on cute and stylish necklaces.

“The idea for items with Muslim names on them came to me when my 11 year old daughter told me she was disappointed by the lack of products with her name on them. She said “There are so many cute things with names on them but I can never find mine,” says Ahmed.

Glitter Berry GIrls

And Glitter Berry Girls was born. Ahmed realized the importance that children universally like seeing their name on something, giving them a  sense of pride and acceptance which is important for their growth and development.

“I know it is not the same as walking into a store and being able to pick something out, but I think it is a good place to start.”

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